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Law & legislation

Sub-Committee of E-Learning Sub-Committee of E-Learning Duties and responsibilities entrusted: 1. Planning and holding the process of short-term face-to-face or specialized electronics training courses for targeted groups of law students and political science students within the framework of judicial directorates-prosecutor and administrative-diplomacy based on needs assessments and in order to improve skills and Professional knowledge and increasing the power of legal and political analysis of students; 2. Production of content of virtual educational courses; 3. Recording virtual training programs; 4. Holding training courses on the suggestions of the faculty members using the available facilities; 5. Holding training courses and seminars according to the scientific and practical needs of students. 6. Attracting the cooperation of faculty members and other teachers to implement training courses; 7. Establishing virtual conferences; 8. Managing the electronic page of the Faculty of Law and Political Science.