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Law & legislation

Sub-Committee of Order and Discipline: Sub-Committee of Order and Discipline: Duties and responsibilities entrusted: 1- Arranging the weekly, quarterly, monthly and annual work plan of the committee; 2- Paying serious attention in maintaining the order and discipline of the institute; 3- Timely resolution of problems and considerations of the discipline and discipline of the institute; 4- Prosecution, supervision of individuals who cause disorder in the scientific, cultural and moral environment of the institute; 5- Execution and application of disciplinary punishments such as: verbal warning, written warning, temporary separation, permanent separation and payment of damages; 6- Reporting the disciplinary actions performed and the necessary and timely measures to eliminate the discipline and discipline considerations to the relevant authorities; 7- Creating preventive programs to maintain the discipline and discipline of the institute; 8- Maintaining and maintaining the order of circles, conferences, seminars and workshops held within the institute; 9- Welcoming the guests invited to the circles, conferences and other scientific and cultural programs; 10- Announcing the principles of behavior in the organization to the employees, professors and students of the institute; 11- Performing other duties assigned to him by the higher authorities.