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Software Engineering (SE)

Department Overview

In a world where computer and software have become essential, The Department of Computer Information Systems advisory board, comprised of industry professionals, are a vital connection to real-world trends and topics. Board members help us serve the needs of our students and our community by advising us on our strategic direction and goals. This program will provide the following benefits and opportunities to students: • Strong foundation in the Software, web and database development discipline. • Hands on practices suitable for employment.

Abdul Basir

HOD's Message

Welcome to the world of Information System. The department of Information System (IS) aims to provide the workforce of professional who are competent to assist, and provide leadership in, development and maintenance of electronic digital technology, practically as it impacts corporate and service sectors of the national economy. The program offered by the department within the discipline area commonly known as information system, which studies Database and web Development and computer application, support the flow of electronic information & service function of modern technological society. To achieve the goals of our program to serve the national and international organization. Thanks

Department Vission

To produce quality and professional educators in the field of software and information systems for active participation in community development.

Department Mission

To build an excellent reputation at regional level to the Department of Information Systems in terms of software development, information systems, and by preparing students to bring in the theoretical knowledge into the practice for empowerment and improvement.