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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) (BBA)

Department Overview

Introduction The Department of Business Administration-based on the needs of society to professionals in the field of Business Administration-was established in 2011 within the framework of Economics’ Faculty of Hewad University, and after the approval of Ministry of Higher Education, has started activities by hiring academic & Professional staff. Values: • Freedom of academic and intellectual creation; • Commitment and respect to justice as a principle of Islam; • Entrepreneurship; • Creativity and foresight; • Observing the principle of participation and focused on decentralized management system; • Transparency and accountability; • Respecting the principles of sustainable human development; • Active participation in community development; And • The rule of law

M.Hamid Nekzad

HOD's Message

Head of Business Administration Department Message, Time and experience have shown; that planning has a significant role in writing and development in different parts of human societies, especially in academic institutions. And goals that are pursued based on careful and thoughtful plans have beneficial, sustainable, and long-lasting results. Accurate and timely determination of goals, needs, capacities and taking into account temporal and spatial conditions are among the major areas of practical implementation of any program and plan in different parts of human societies. The sweetest experience a person can have in life is to reach the goal in the shortest and most appropriate time possible, and this is not possible except by taking advantage of management science; Therefore, the Department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Economics of Hewad Institute of Higher education, In order to provide standard and useful services to all citizens of the country, considers itself committed and strives to take a healthy and purposeful path for development and quantitative and qualitative growth alongside other departments and train skilled managers who will be able to work efficiently and effectively in different levels of management, and Employ in commercial, industrial and public organizations or work as management consultant. Therefore, we provide education in both traditional and emerging subjects in business andmanagement, ranging from Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing. The course curriculum of Business Administration Department has been designed and developed in such a way so that the students of this Department can effectively discharge their duties and responsibilities in different positions from the mid-level to top level administration as well as can face the challenges in business areas. Apart from different academic activities, we facilitate different skill-enhancing extra-curricular activities; On the other hand, we provide and up-to-date curriculum to cope up with the need of the changing business environment. The Department has been running by a galaxy of highly educated, as well as trained up and experienced teachers. With respect, Muhammad Hameed Nikzad Head of Business Administration Department.

Department Vission

Vision: Business Administration Department of Economics’ Faculty of, with its appropriate organizational structure, professional & committed workforce, financial resources, and sufficient space, is focused on providing academic services in the field of economics and management Science to students with national and international standards.

Department Mission

Mission Department of Business Administration of Economics’ Faculty is currently Educating & training specialized and committed human workforce in the field of management science considering the ethical and Academic standards emphasized by the Ministry of Higher Education.