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Law (Law)

Department Overview

One of the most responsibility and value of law and government is to provide social and systematic benefits to an individual’s life. Building capacity in legal issues is un-doubtfully contributing to all aspects of the life. Both on lower and upper level the field of managerial relationships (Power & Politics) made it to create thirst for the law and legislation faculty.

Mir Zafaruddin Ansari

HOD's Message

HOD Message: In the sequence of history, human societies have undergone major changes in the legal field, in order to achieve this issue, every society has tried to formulate and implement legal issues according to its needs. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is one of these societies that has always tried to regulate and implement other legal values in the light of the holy religion of Islam and the laws of the country and to implement them fairly, regardless of neutrality. Therefore, considering the drafted work plan based on the existing realities of the society and considering the other mentioned cases, the Law Department tries to provide a professional, committed and honest staff in the field of education and provides such a ground for ensuring social justice. Especially facilitate judicial justice. With respect Mir Zafar Uddin Ansari Head of Law Department

Department Vission

LLB is committed for future enablement in order to provide services, sustain the academic system and creating an environment of theoretical development, research development in the field of law and legislation as to produce and train intellectual human resources.

Department Mission

Operating as per the describing vision, moral and ethical standards, striving for educating and training required talents in the field of law and legislation. And act for strong statutory society, righteousness, hardworking and possessing intellectual political managerial and leadership skills