Hewad University

Chancellor's Message

Mr. Zabihullah Fazili
HU ~ Vice chancellor Academic

Vice Chancellor Academic Message

Great Institutions are more than places. They are ideas, and it is true for Hewad University, which is meant to nurture the interplay of ideas, students, and place in ways that serve them all. At Hewad University, we put to work our strongest and most promising academic disciplines and build avenues of access and opportunities for the students. On behalf of the university community, I welcome you the world of Hewad University. This prospectus gives you an overview of the university’s campus, programs and courses. With a very blend of highly qualified faculty, excellent infrastructure and handsome enrollment figures, Hewad University has blossomed into and institution of great eminence. One of the university’s two main roles are to help our students achieve the potential and become what they want to be and what society needs. Our other main role is to generate new knowledge that improves the world and illuminates our understanding of it. We are acknowledged as excelling in both of these roles, and we intend to do even better-hence the ambitious program of investment in facilities, faculties and staff at Hewad university will be continuing in the future ahead. Hewad University has taken full advantage of the modern techniques of communication to facilitate and support its students for better quality education by expert faculty members in a congenial academic environment. The goal of our university is to contribute community through the pursuit of knowledge and patronage