mother's day; Hijabs were distributed to some students

International Mother's Day was celebrated by the Committee on Cultural and Spiritual Values ??of Hewad University in a grand ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the university's founder, general director, university vice-chancellors, faculty deans, administrators and female students. At the beginning of the program, the academic vice chancellor spoke in detail about the status, value and rights of mothers. He said the status and value of the mother was so high in the sacred religion of Islam that it could not be compared to any other human being. Alhaj Amir Gul Shaheen, the founder of Hewad University, also shared some of his memories on the occasion of Mother's Day. He said that mother's prayers lead a person to high positions and high honors. Mr. Shaheen congratulated all the mothers on this auspicious day and assured the female students once again that as the founder of Hewad University, they will do their best to overcome all the obstacles that hinder their education. Flattens it out. Fauzia Akbari, a lecturer in law and political science, also spoke about the importance of motherhood and presented a poem. After this, poems and verses dedicated to the mother were recited in which the mother's high status was expressed. In the last part of the program, some of the female students who were mothers were also given Islamic hijabs by the university. The meeting ended with the mothers praying for a long life.