The scientific topics of the university were discussed in the monthly meeting of the academic council

The meeting of the academic council of the country university, which was held under the chairmanship of the general president of the university, Atta Muhammad Halwak, was attended by the academic vice president, administrative vice president, student affairs vice president, faculty heads, and a number of professors including the quality improvement order. . In the beginning, a detailed report on the implementation of the decisions of the previous council was presented by the quality assurance and improvement order, which were mostly implemented. In today's meeting of the Academic Council, the tenure of the software department of the Faculty of Computer Science was approved and an agreement with an English educational center was discussed. Also, the examination committee presented a detailed report of the final examinations of the spring semester. In addition to this, the Ministry of Higher Education's letter of instructions related to invitation and guidance and the list of topics were shared with the faculties and it was decided that it should be implemented in the financial semester. A number of other academic topics of the university were also discussed in the academic council meeting.