Hewad University Hewad University

University's History

Hewad Institute of Higher Education previously known as “Khawarzami” established in 1390 in the capital (Kabul) Afghanistan. Started its voyage by a fewer number of academic and administrative personnel, at initial stage an academic trend of Hewad were foreigners. After progressive and consecutive years of its services, the said organization found its reputation among the people. The organization kept its priorities in providing the need based services to the teenagers of Kabul province. The administration of HU transferred to the local businessperson and wise personality Al Haj-Amir gul Shaheen, He expand the spam of knowledge spreading by owning its own and permanent location for HU, Offering low fee structure for all three faculties. “The basic aim of owning this academic institution was to take part in spreading or educating the war affected nation of our beloved country,” said, Amir-gul Shaheen. The organization has experienced certain programs and foreign expertise since the organization known as Hewad. HU has introduced four rounds of graduates at three different faculties to serve the community with pride and honor. However, the vision, mission and core values of the organization rooted from academic surface of cultural societies. Where each norm of society and corporate responsibility is concerned. The HU has provided equal employment opportunity and student’s oriented services at its academic journey.