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Computer Science

The Department of Computing and Technology offers a BS in information System & information Technology in Early morning, Late Morning and Evening timings. By providing a diverse range of contents in our program, we are trying to make sure that our students are fit for various career opportunities, who are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for our rapidly developing country. Depending upon their choice to join field jobs, such as Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware and Software Vendors, Consultants, Programmers, or work in academic institutions as researchers or teachers.

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The Faculty of Economics was established in 2011 and is still working in line with its goals. Since the establishment of Hewad Univesity (HIHE) this faculty has started working in two departments independently; Department of Business Administrations with three specialized fields (Finance, human resource management and Marketing). In this Faculty, these three departments are still active. Therefore; this faculty is committed to provide valuable services towards the goals of HIHE and the community of Afghanistan. The Faculty of Economics has clear goals and strategies based on the general goals of HIHE & Ministry of Higher Education; considering the needs and priorities of the society, and the mission of this faculty is the educating and training students with the following qualifications: • Skills and ability to teach with quality in the relevant field in accordance with the needs of society and the requirements of the time. • Analysis of important national and international issues in accordance with expertise and its use in academic subjects. • Training talented and committed students with a national and Islamic spirit and refraining from any kind of discrimination, prejudice and violence. • The Faculty of Economics has a dean, a deputy, two department heads among the lecturers, an Academic coordinator, and a service worker.

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Law & legislation

Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Hewad University has been named since in 1390. The faculty has a department, a vice president, and two departments (Law, Political Science, and International Relations), each of them carries out its activities in accordance with the terms of reference. Now, the Faculty of Law and Political Science is able to respond to and regularly attract students to the module they are referring to, given the facilities available. This faculty currently has standard classes with modern facilities that has created for a certain number of students to learn knowledge with the defined criteria of the country. The faculty of Law and Political Science has clear goals and strategies, and in clarifying the general goals of the Ministry of Higher Education. and HU is taking into account the needs and priorities of society, and has set goals and prospects for its activities. The Faculty of Law and Political Science of the HU with its academic staff, with doctoral and master's degrees in two departments, are providing educational services. The curriculum of this faculty has been adjusted to the credit system and the enrollment is adjusted for continuing education based on the rolls and regulations of higher education in the country.

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    28 September 2021
  • Awards ceremony was held for the top lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Computer Science
    Awards ceremony was held for the top lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Computer Science

    Awards ceremony was held for the top lecturers and staff of the Facult continue...

    07 August 2021
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    07 August 2021

Our Vision

Hewad University is committed to be well-reputed and recognized organization in society considering the national and international standards in providing higher education in the fields of Economics, Political science, social sciences and research.

Our Mission

To contribute in reconstruction and development of the country through teaching & research and providing academic services in the field of Politics, Economics and social sciences.


Taken Kankors


Graduated Students


Enerolled Students




  1. Standardizing the HU in the field of education, research and services considering the priorities of the ministry of higher education.
  2. Possessing the required Higher Education fields of society
  3. Possessing the required Higher Education fields of society
  4. Developing and Expanding the infrastructure
  5. Maintaining proper communication system and having MOUs with various academic and research organizations and entities inside and outside the countries


  1. Committed academic and spiritual independency
  2. Justice
  3. Loyalty
  4. Valuing the general possession of Education
  5. Valuing the general and global principles of Education & Research
  6. Developing spirit de corps
  7. Accountancy & Transparency
  8. Quality maintenance in Education, Services and research
  9. Financial & Managerial independency
  10. Cultivating Islamic culture
  11. Empowering education
  12. Engaging societies
  13. Prioritizing personality traits
  14. Availing up to date technology
  15. Introducing self-motivated graduates

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