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To contribute in reconstruction and development of the country through teaching & research and providing academic services in the field of Politics, Economics and social sciences.


Hewad institute of higher education is committed to be well-reputed and recognized organization in society considering the national and international standards in providing higher education in the fields of Economics, Political science, social sciences and research.


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  1. Developing and Expanding the infrastructure
  2. Stabilizing the four fundamentals of Higher education (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. and post doctorial).
  3. Possessing the required Higher Education fields of society.
  4. Standardizing the HU in the field of education, research and services considering the priorities of the ministry of higher education.
  5. Maintaining proper communication system and having MOUs with various academic and research organizations and entities inside and outside the countries.


  1. Valuing the general possession of Education
  2. Loyalty
  3. Justice
  4. Committed academic and spiritual independency
  5. Quality maintenance in Education, Services and research
  6. Accountancy & Transparency
  7. Developing spirit de corps
  8. Valuing the general and global principles of Education & Research
  9. Engaging societies
  10. Empowering education
  11. Cultivating Islamic culture
  12. Financial & Managerial independency
  13. Prioritizing personality traits
  14. Availing up to date technology
  15. Introducing self-motivated graduates
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31 December 2020

Kankor 1399

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Video provides a powerful way to help you prove your point. When you c continue...

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